Just back from vacation at Tarkarli.

Tarkarli is a beautiful beach some 100kms north of Goa. It is one of those untouched beaches where you will not find a lot of tourists. The water is crystal clear and the beach has a very gentle slope. Few places are rocky and good for snorkeling. If you are lucky you may see dolphins too.  It is very close to the water fort of Sindudurg, keep this on your list of places to see if you go to Tarkarli. You might also like to visit lake Dhamapur

Here are a few photos for you to see:


If you love beaches then this one is a must see. I would like to thank Abbas and India Someday for organizing this trip. Was a real fun experience.

And I am back!


Yes, I have been gone long. Given how the web works, I doubt if ppl are still reading this site. So for the blog, this is a new start. I love expressing my ideas in words, and will always do so, talking to a friend, chatting on some IM or here.

Q: Where have I been?
A: A lot of places. Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brugge, Brussels, Cologne, Dinant, Paris.

Q: Was that a vacation?
A: No. I was working in Antwerp, for AXA. It was a nice place to work.

Q: Did I learn dutch or french?
A: I did not. Most of the people of Antwerp speak english, so I managed just fine. I did learn a few words and phrases though.

Q: Will I be going again?
A: No. I quit that job. Joined a startup Finacus, that makes financial products. Learn’t C# there; using it to develop a RAD framework. Its fun to be working with friends here.

There will be a lot more blogs, rants, cribs here soon…