Here are some the games I developed during college. That is a really long time back now.

Online gaming has really evolved from when these were developed between 2002 and 2005.



Red Squadron [Flash]

Enemy planes are raiding your lands. Shoot them to the ground, and save your land. The further away you shoot them, the more points you score.

Here you have a very simple objective. Blast the opposition to bits. Try to minimize your damage.

15Puzzle [Flash]

15Puzzle is a really simple game. The player is expected to arranged the numbers from 1-15 in order. You are bounded to a 16 square box, and can move only one square at a time.

Simon [Flash] fla

The rules of Simon are really simple. A sequence of four colors will flash before you… you have to click the colors in the same sequence to move up to the next level. It is a nice brain teaser. How well can you remember?

Blockanoid [Flash]

Blockanoid is a remake of classic game arkanoid. I used to play it as a kid. Thought it would be fun to program that.

Here you have a choice of what you want as a controller: the classic keyboard or the mouse.

How to play?!

You have a paddle that you can move left or right with your controller. Your goal is to bounce a ball from the paddle and direct it to break bricks. Some bricks have extra balls trapped in them. Break them and you get more balls. The more balls you handle together, more the score per brick broken. See how high you can score!!

Your planet is under attack. Wave after wave of alien ships try to get past you. Your mission is to stand guard and distroy as many alien crafts as long as you can.
Select an ship you like, and you are all set to defend your planet.

Mini golf [Flash]

Score 3 holes to complete the game. It has a simple catapult style of shooting the balls. Just click on the ball and drag in direction opposite to where you want the ball to be shot. Avoid sand, or you will have to hit really hard. Stay clear of the water or you will loose your ball.

Space Shooters [C++, OpenGL]

First attempt by Sandy and me to create a 3d game. Compete with a computer player to destroy a enemy tank is space. Game implements a simple particle engine simulating newtonian physics.

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