Folder Patch
This tiny utility will compare and sync two folders. It can find any new or modified files and put those in a zip file, thus creating a patch.
This patch can then be applied to the base folder, or a copy of the base folder, to replicate all the changes.


Why did I create this?
I have spent a lot of time working on We often create publishes that are deployed on remote server.
A complete publish of a business applicaiton can at times be huge. Sending all the files always isn’t the best way around.
The problem with sending incremental publishes often though is that it is prone to human error.
Yes, there are tools like winmerge that can tell you which files have changed but that still needs human effort to put the changes together.
I believe that comparing two folder for changes, creating a patch and applying the patch are all mechinical jobs.
To this tiny utility that will compare two folders, find the changes and give you a patch.
You can apply this patch anywhere you want, to patch the local folder or to mail the patch to be applied at a remote location.

How to use it?
1. Creating a patch:
The folder that you want to patch is the base folder.
The folder that you want to have in the end is the target folder.
After you have selected the base and target folders, specify where the patch should be stored.
Click “Create Patch”. You should get a message, “Patch file created successfully”.
Voila, you have a patch.
If you want to verify the changes, you can open this patch(a zip file) and see the changes.

2. Applying a patch:

The folder that you want to patch is the base folder.
Select the patch file.
Click “Apply Patch”. You should get a message “Patch applied successfully”.

This is open source, and under active development.
You can visit the project at:
You can download it from:
If you wish to contribute to it, feel free to leave me a message. I will add you in as a developer.



My site has recently been getting a lot of spam. Just deleted some 500+ spam comments. Real boring work, to moderate a site.

Several of the spam originates from a UK based ISP.


I have marked this as spam in wordpress but the IP addresses keep changing… Does anyone know what else I could do to keep away these spammers? I don’t like capchas and don’t want normal readers to have to do that.

Friendfeed adds IM support


For years I have wanted a service that would send me updates from various sources on the net to my IM.

I am almost always online. Most services I use frequently have RSS feeds, however problem with RSS always was that you had to poll it for data. Yes, there are readers that will do that for you. But I have always wished for a service that would do this for you.

I found chatterous, it however was a bit sluggish in sending messages and you could only have one feed for per group. Friendfeed on the other hand was fast, worked well, allowed me to aggregate feeds into one channel. With this support for instant messages friendfeed becomes really handy. I am a fan!

If you have not tried friendfeed, maybe you should give it a try.