There are two ways to live. One, adapt to your environment, and survive. And two, adapt your environment to yourself. Man has survived in some of the most wretched terrain on earth by following the later. Adapting the environment to suit oneself is in fact the very essence of being human. It is what distinguishes us from animals.

Animals who try to survive by striking a balance with their surroundings are easy victims to a predator who comes in and begins to change the environment to suit his needs. We humans have hunted several such animals to extinction by doing just this.

Lets apply this to today‚Äôs world, where have destroyed most other animals, and the real competition to man comes from man himself. Those who wish to survive, need to realize that adaption to your environment doesn’t work against other men. It will only grant a very lowly existence. Those who wish to rise to the top of the nature pyramid have to be efficient modifiers of their surroundings. Does this method work? If it didn’t I don’t think we would be the dominant species on the planet today.
Would you like to go extinct? Or would you like to bring about change? I for sure wouldn’t like going extinct. What to change is best decided by looking at what troubles you the most. If nothing troubles you too much… I think you are going the way of the dodos. What troubles me? Well, a lot of things, but that is matter for another blog post.

I always advocate changing your surroundings to suit yourself. The best way to survive is to change the world to suit you. It is the original human spirit that got us out of the dark ages. Be the change you want to see. It is the most human way to live.

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