Some explanations…


This blog has not had any posts for sometime now.

Where was I? No where far, a bit busy yes.

Didn’t I have any time to write? I did have some time, but I was trying to do something, rather than just blabber for a change.

Did I come up with something cool?! Not everything works out the way you want it. Somethings don’t workout, some take longer than expected… Some just need a little more thought. 

Vague! Keep reading… this place will have more answers. 

4 Responses to Some explanations…

  1. nitinpai says:

    did u do something to the template?
    It looks all scattered in my browser..
    the right side bar is dangling at the bottom and the
    header image is scurrying to the left….

    Do something!!

  2. nunespascal says:

    Well, I did add a line or two here and there… but it appears the same in firefox… Which browser are you using nitin?

  3. nitinpai says:

    I am using IE 6. Yes in firefox it looks normal.
    Check for IE2 also. Maybe some styles have gone wrong!

  4. Swapnil Chaturvedi says:

    Hi pascal how r u?

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