What you cannot do yourself isn’t easy!


If you can’t do something yourself… then it is not easy. And you have to no right to call it an easy or simple task. Does this happen only to me, or do you too find people who call certain task easy? Tasks they know nothing about, and have no means of completing or at times even attempting. I can’t get the logic! If you have never attempted something, how can you know it is easy?

If you are tempted to call a certain task easy, attempt it once by yourself. If you can finish it of quickly and without much effort; then go ahead and call it easy. Before you say, a plumber has it easy, try fixing your own taps. Before you say, a housewife has a great time just sitting at home, try doing all the chores yourself once. If you fail, appreciate the skill of someone who makes a difficult task seem easy.

I have been amazed by all the different skills that humans can achieve. Skilled people make the most difficult tasks seem like an effortlessly natural act. That doesn’t reduce the complexity of the job one bit, but it does give a testimonial to their having mastered the job. To walk up to a person whose job you don’t understand, and to tell him that he has it easy in life; is an insult to that persons’ skill. But worse than that; it shows how stupid the person passing the remark is.

The next time you are tempted to call as task easy, think if you can manage it all by yourself.

3 Responses to What you cannot do yourself isn’t easy!

  1. nitinpai says:

    I am seeing this code in between your paragraphs

  2. Sidharth says:

    Yes I cannot agree any more. Its almost been like 8 months in USA since I had left cozy environment of my home where i had “assumed” things and the way they worked. I assumed that I would get food every morning I woke up. I assumed that I will get to eat something from the fridge as I “assumed” that my mom would have bought it from the market. I “assumed” things would go fine I will not have to clean my dish after I had done with eating with my lunch/dinner. But coming to US I really appreciate the functional specialization of my Mom,maid and people who had been around me back then to take of things that I “assumed”.

    I therefore agree that its easy to say “Hah.. thats easy” but in reality there is a lot more complexity involved in mastering the same job which people are good at and go unappreciated.

    So pascal jack ass… “Start Cooking and cleaning and…” :P . But hey this contradicts with you entry of “Virtue of Laziness”. Oh I see as said in Matrix “There is difference between knowing the path and walking the path”…

  3. Nerissa says:

    Liked that quote from Matrix .. posted in the earlier comment ! :)

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