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It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” – Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter, in “The Sorcerer’s Stone“. How very true! I am sure you will agree. But dreams are not all that bad. Just remember that the real world is very different. Remember that you have to live here. Dreams may make you happy, but they can never get you satisfaction. True happiness is what you get out of a sense of achievement; a feeling that you have beaten the odds, beaten reality to make your dreams come true. It is when the line between dreams and reality vanishes; probably that true one may find true happiness.

Paulo Coelho is a remarkable author. If there is one thing that he tries to convince his readers, it is to follow their dreams. He says that we like to believe that we never had the opportunity to follow our dreams. When we do get the chance to pursue many don’t. We just like to believe that life could be much better, but rarely are ready to run the risks to fulfill that dream. Why do we love this dream world so much?

Probably because the dream world does not show the whole picture. We see things the way we want. I recently watched the “Matrix”. It is my favorite movie. Many people never wanted to come out of the dream world. When we dream we do not see the challenges and difficulties along the way. You have thought of all the difficulties? Well I am sure not. Why? Because real life does not go as you want. Something or someone will perform some action that will hinder your plan. You see yourself doing things rightly and succeeding. But this does not always happen. You may have overseen a small detail. Someone may foolishly do something that hampers your job. If you dream of going somewhere, you may see yourself parking your vehicle at the destination. You rarely see that you get caught up in traffic, the parking lot is full, and that someone moves in from the wrong direction and takes the last place available. I am not saying all, but something like this may occur. At this moment although nothing much has changed in your dream, you start feeling that life is not as good as you would like it to be.

But look carefully and you will realize that you did make it to your destination, and there is no reason to feel bad about. Just look back a little, you will find a hundred things that you thought of and managed to do. So rather than holding onto memories of defeats, hold on to memories of deeds that you performed. It will make you feel a lot better.

3 Responses to Living your dreams

  1. Dhruv says:

    What does this sentence mean?
    “Someone may foolishly do something have hampers your job.”
    I’m guessing that “have” should be “that”.

    Have you considered the possibility of this happening?
    If you hold on to the memories of the deeds you performed, you will want more of that success, which is not always possible. Also, you may be living in this delusionary world where everything is right, and goes your way, which is not always the case. That apart, you should look back at your failures to see where you went wrong, and how you could not repeat them in the future. I think the main thing required is a balance between how much positive and negative you are willing to retrospect. On reaching the balance that works for you, you will truly move forward as an individual.

  2. nunespascal says:

    Thanks Dhruv, that was a mistake. I just corrected it. It was supposed to me “Someone may foolishly do something that hampers your job.”

    My goal of this post was to say… START. Until you start you will get no where.

  3. Sidharth says:

    Again I remember long discussions we had on this topic and on Alchemist. But still I will ask you the same question I had asked you back then “What have you done after reading that book?”.

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