Avoiding technical jargons


I work in the IT industry. So for most of the workday I am surrounded by people who work with computers and often do a lot of programming. And you can’t help but to notice the use of words, metaphors and even jokes; that a non-programmer would not be able to understand. There are cases, like when you are discussing a technical issue, where the use of technical words becomes unavoidable. I believe every profession has a jargon that only fellow professionals will understand. Then why am I so vehement to avoid technical jargons?!

But this becomes a habit and people use jargons even with non-programmers who would not know them. Using jargons hampers communication. The best method of communication is to stick to a simple language. It needs conscious effort to keep your language understandable to all. Isn’t it good that everyone should be able to understand you?! The more people understand you, the more you exchange ideas. You will find several problems that you can solve that way. Language generates a gap between those who face problems and those who can solve them.

When I formally learnt communication at college we were taught that you have to always keep your audience in mind. Audience is every person who listens to what you say. Not just when you are giving an important presentation. When unsure of the background of your audience simple short words are what you need. Yes that communication barrier that you heard about can exist even with people you know, and programmers more than others seem to be falling prey to it.


Avoid Jargons! Communicate better! Live smarter!!

6 Responses to Avoiding technical jargons

  1. Ankit says:

    Hey Dude, Thats a nice article there. But it seems that not many people know about this blog yet as i cant see many comments down here. And also there are not many visitors yet. Hey keep in touch through my TCS id as i cant find any other way to get in touch with you online. Will call you soon. Tc. Enjoy!!!

  2. Dhruv says:

    You spoke my mind out dude….
    Also, avoid using TLAs(Three Letter Acronyms ;-) )….

  3. nunespascal says:

    Yes Ankit, its a new blog… I just copied some old post from blogspot and added them here… That is why the dates will appear to be old.

  4. nunespascal says:

    Dhruv?!?!? Where is the three letter acronym?! I read the post several times, and couldn’t find any. Maybe it is an acronym that has become so much of a habit that I can’t notice it. Tell me the acronym!! I would really want to stop using TLA :p.

  5. Dhruv says:

    No re, there wasn’t one, but I was just saying generally that we should avoid using them in formal text.
    Chat, etc…. mein theek hai.
    As is using Hindi now ;-)

  6. Vishwast says:


    Forget the so called “NON-TECHNICAL” people, at times people who are very much part of the software industry don’t understand what technical jargons stand for??? I agree that we should always try and use complete words rather than Three Letter Acronyms and use simple language, not only for others even for ourselves. So many times within a group we come across Three Letter Acronyms and other technical jargons that we interpret differently, leading to a confusion. Its best to use simple, sweet language. :D

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